Y’all, we cannot even understand the frickin’ AUDACITY of men. Like, it knows no bounds. Take for example this great opinion piece about  48-hour waiting periods in Wyoming. A republican representative tried to make an argument that those waiting periods were good because they prevented women from having “buyer’s remorse.” Y’all mind if we pop off a bit??

OK so first off this rep says that while buying a sports coat where he was worried about the “fit and feel” he was assured by the woman working at the store that he could return the coat if it didn’t fit in a few days. And he said since abortion is such a big decision that people should get two days to decide upon it, at least.

Hmmm, let’s think about all the ways this is stupid as shit. ONE: if you don’t like your sports coat you don’t have to wear it every day for the next 18 years. TWO: In many ways he should not use a RETURN policy to describe the importance of abortion because if anything, abortion is kinda a return and it seems like he is pro-returns. THREE: Everyone who is having abortion has THOUGHT ABOUT IT FOR MORE THAN TWO DAYS. Basically no one finds out they’re pregnant and immediately within the hour is at a clinic like “No time to think, just do.” Most of the time pregnant people have had at least 8 weeks to “try it out” and have decided in fact, that they don’t want to be pregnant. And also, as people who can get pregnant, living in the world, believe it or not, we’ve all in some capacity had to THINK about what it’d be like to be pregnant and if we would want to be pregnant. See unlike a sports coat, a uterus isn’t think we put on and take off.

This kinda “coat” talk speaks to how condescending fucking all anti-abortion arguers are. Oh really bro, you think you’re just being KIND giving us TIME TO THINK by making us wait two days after we’ve made our choice? You do know that like, abortion providers already ask if you’re sure, right? They’re not just like, going in there the minute you get in.

And this reminds us of the bullshit abortion reversal laws in North Dakota. An idiot on twitter tried to argue with us by saying, “You do NOT like women to be informed of the CHOICE to reverse their abortion?.” LOL wow, you got us bro! Except maybe by that point she’s been asked like, 20 times if she’s sure in her choice. And abortion reversal bullshit is just used to threaten and scare vulnerable women who are maybe nervous about if they’re taking the pills right or a variety of other things. Also again, the abortion reversal technique is kinda just like me saying “well, you could try throwing up the pill.” It’s not been scientifically tested and it’s just kinda based on the fact that like, if you don’t take pills the way you’re supposed to, yeah, sure, it might not work.

Trust that we have made up our mind and are capable of making our own decisions and have, you know, a pretty clear idea of what pregnancy and abortion results in. OK! And also return that sports coat dude, it looks terrible on you.