LOL so one bad like… side effect… about everyone throwing their hat in the ring to talk about abortion rights this week is that there’s a lot of people saying… things that are wrong. And look, we really appreciate you tweeting and getting involved and we WANT to call everyone in. Everyone who cares, we love you, we love your support. It’s just time to learn a little bit more about “How you can help” than … you know… just saying “Elect pro-choice people” (which is a good start, for sure!). And like … stop saying “No one wants an abortion” some people do and there’s NOTHING wrong with that!

So we really appreciated this article from The Cut “Abortion Is Under Attack. Misinformation Isn’t Helping.” We ESPECIALLY appreciated it because it STARTS with what is important. That ABORTION IS UNDER ATTACK. This is.. In fact… an emergency. But don’t start, idk, buying a bunch of water bottles and going underground. Because, ABORTION IS STILL LEGAL in ALABAMA AND GEORGIA. And the last thing we would want would be for someone to see inflamatory headlines and then not think they could get an abortion.

But the way NOT to write an article like this is to… SHARE IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA TELLING PEOPLE “Calm Down. This Prob Won’t Be a Thing.” LOOKING AT YOU FUCKING MOTHER JONES! This article is actually fine and helpful but the tweet… well it is getting ratio’d for a reason.

Still again, we say all this with love because we have to fight the real enemy; the soulless LIARS on the other side. Look, as infuriating as it is, you gotta read this New York Times article that is good but never at any point is the writer like “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THEY ARE LYING SO BIG AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT AND IT’S LIKE WE’RE TALKING TO FUCKING CHILDREN EXCEPT CHILDREN WOULDN’T BE INSIDIOUS ENOUGH TO LIE ABOUT THIS STUFF.”

The “infanticide” BLATANT LIE (not falsehood, not misinformation, BLATANT LIE) is working, because they’re outspending us. And because, frankly, all logical debate in this country has been lost to the total evil chaos of the soulless anti-choicers who have sacrificed any kind of decency for pure mania.

OK happy Friday.