Y’all we are LIVID today and it’s more than just the fury that lives in us every single day, burning bright and propelling us to fight against the obvious onslaught of garbage. Because today we had to read this fucking sentence-paragraph bullshit article on some local news website (no shots no shots, but just like, fuck) that effectively said “Hey, male judges have officially decided that men can sue when woman don’t do what they say.”

It’s been an emotional day around the office because in Alabama a probate judge ruled that a FETUS aborted literally at about 6 weeks (like even before the effing unconstitutional bullshit “heartbeat” bills would step in) can have an ESTATE. Which basically means that the fetus has been deemed a PERSON with legal rights. Which means that the fetus’s father (let’s be real, in this instance, just a sperm giver, not a father), could control that estate and SUE THE FUCKING CLINIC where the fetus was aborted and even the pharmaceutical company that produces the abortion pill. Which is exactly what this douche is doing now. Because he wanted her to continue the pregnancy, and she didn’t want to. His ensuing temper tantrum is in line with right wing philosophy: We own your body, not you.

As our wonderful Molly Gaebe said in today’s Operation Save Abortion (WATCH NOW) just cuz this dude wanted his gf (we assume no longer gf) to have an abortion, DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING. Sorry, in this instance, you DON’T get a say in the decision. IT IS NOT YOUR BODY.

We’d be maybe sympathetic to like, being disappointed that your girlfriend is not continuing with her pregnancy BUT OH WAIT NO WE ARE NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE LITERALLY SUING A CLINIC BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T GET YOUR WAY.

We’re not really sure what the implications of this will be, but it obviously leads to a lot of emotions and makes us think far-reaching, like remember how there are still states where the rapist can sue for custody????

No one should get to decide what you do with your body BUT YOU. And this story is disgusting.
So today we decided to highlight a wonderful doctor in Alabama (where this shitshow is taking place): Yashica Robinson. Consider donating to her clinic in Alabama or volunteering to be a clinic escort. Fight back against the litigious haters!