devil-doctor (2)Yep-  If you ask famed (and defamed) televangelist Jim Bakker and his radio show co-hosts, (Yes, he is somehow still  allowed in front of a microphone) satanic rituals are the services provided at your local Planned Parenthood.

Bet you didn’t know that when you put your feet up in those stirrups and that Planned Parenthood doctor starts in with those “medical terms” they are really just building an abortion loving super satan from thousands of pap smears! Or something.

Guest pastor Rick Wiles explains to Jim Bakker “because murder is illegal, they have to find a way to have a sacrifice that are human. And so because America has abortion, therefore, they’re doing these human sacrifices in an abortion clinic because it gives them a legal covering.”

Satanic human sacrifice protected by law! Seems those sneaky lil’ devils at Planned Parenthood are tirelessly inventing ways to serve Satan.


Jim Bakker’s current wife and co-host Lori (RIP Tammy Faye), chimed in that “many many many many Satanic rituals — abortion rituals — are performed” on Halloween. She says she hasn’t seen them, but “it’s the truth.”

So thanks Pastor Rick- now we know when we going to get your annual exam at Planned Parenthood, it’s so cheap because they are building Satan's army…

And double thanks to the lovely Mrs Bakker.

I was stumped for this year’s costume but no more- I’m totes going as sexy Planned Parenthood  abortion child sacrificer! Wait!  Maybe I could go as something even scarier- YOU.