In 1920, women in America finally got the right to vote (ruining a time some conservatives look back on as “the good old days”) and with it came the formation of the League of Women Voters, and for 95 years, this group has been a badass voter galvanizing juggernaut that has tirelessly worked to make sure that every vote stays protected and that every voter learns just how important it is to exercise that right! Thanks to The League’s tireless work at dragging a kicking & screaming America towards what it was always supposed to be – a democracy, we still have a fighting chance to have a country where EVERY voice has a say. Not just the manly ones.


So how do you celebrate a 95th anniversary this important?  How about with cocktails, a panel of awesome feminists and a screening of “Suffragette” new film starring Meryl Streep that chronicles just how hard our foremothers fought to get the vote.  


So if you are in Los Angeles Sunday, November 8th, join The League of Women Voters LA at the Pacific Design Center! This super cool event begins at 11:30 am for all the fun!

Can you think of a better way to celebrate 95 years of women kicking ass in the name of democracy? The answer is no. Don’t miss it.


So from one fierce Justice League to another, thanks for continuing to fight for our most sacred of freedoms! We tip our you know what’s off to you!

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