As part of our continuing Play of the Day series “Sauron’s Army” Lady Parts Justice League is exploring the key players Donald Trump has chosen to surround himself with. We’re taking a deep dark look at his advisors and the people being appointed to his cabinet, all of whom have a history of being strongly anti-choice.

Scott Pruitt – Position in Sauron’s Army: Denethor II (on his worst day).

You remember when Denethor, The Steward of Gondor, was totally losing it towards the end of The Return of the King (if not you better brush up on your LOTR because we are living it). Denethor is all, My son is dead, I’m going to burn him on this funeral pyre… And everyone else is like, Yeah but your son’s not dead though. That’s what Scott Pruitt is doing with science.

Scott Pruitt, who is Trump’s pick for EPA Administrator, already had his hearing and is on track to be confirmed in March. Pruitt, who is currently the Attorney General of Oklahoma, has sued the EPA multiples times. (!!!!!) He was part of a legal action against Obama’s Clean Power Plan which was designed to curb greenhouse gas emissions. When discussing overwhelming scientific evidence that human activity is causing the warming of the planet, Pruitt was quoted in saying “That debate is far from settled.” 

LET US REPEAT THAT BECAUSE IT BEARS REPEATING: The person who quite possibly will be the head of the EPA has sued the EPA on multiple occasions because he was like, yo bro, gas emissions, not that bad. So he's legitimately an actual enemy of protecting the environment.

Pruitt has made his leanings (more like fall over-ings) clear during his time as OK (not-OK) AG. Besides his need to take a thick hot dump on the environment he has supported anti-choice legislation, fought against LGBTQ rights and against the Affordable Care Act.

A few examples…

Pruitt was like, Hey even though the Supreme Court struck down DOMA that doesn’t mean that Oklahoma has to offer benefits to gay married couples. Pruitt supports the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman.

Pruitt supported a bill that would limit medical abortions in Oklahoma. AND, this is one of our favorites, after the Supreme Court decided that two abortion related laws were unconstitutional, Pruitt’s office was like, we don’t care, let’s continue to enforce them for as long as possible. Classy.

In an EGGeptional (ugh, sorry) move, after California prohibited the sale of eggs from hens who were kept in horribly restrictive conditions, Pruitt joined in a lawsuit against them and then decided to investigate THE HUMANE SOCIETY. How incredibly inhumane.

I guess he just thinks all eggs should be restricted but not gas emissions. 

Graphic by Monica Mohan @MonicaMohanStudio