Come to our Femm App rally today! Femm app purports to be a period tracking app, but it has a d secret anti-abortion, anti-birth control agenda! It claims to be a “comprehensive women's health program” but the only pregnancy prevention method even mentioned is to “avoid genital contact during your fertile window.” Sound bad? We think so too!

Now we’re getting a little pushback from people who are like “Why CAN’T there be an app for CATHOLICS” and to that we say “uh, candy crush.” But also… sure man, if you wanna make an app that tracks fertility and never mentions hormonal birth control … do it. 

Just don’t LIE, man.

Just don’t be deceptive! 

This is, incidentally, kinda how we feel about fake clinics too (except we’d be fine if fake clinics just went away). Fine, you wanna ONLY be a place where you give people free baby blankets and a sonogram… fine. Just DON’T have your ACTUAL mission be to deceive pregnant people and shame and scare them into not getting abortions. DON’T ACT LIKE YOU HAVE AN INNOCENT AGENDA! 

Also interesting… fake clinics that now get FEDERAL money from Title X (which is supposed to be for birth control) use this app. It’s a circle of grossness! It’s a funyon! And it leads to people who might ACTUALLY be searching for birth control or pregnancy prevention to be confused or misled. 

So if you think the Femm app is crap, come to our rally today at the FEMM Health Foundation at 5pm

And if you can’t come, leave a review! Here’s how:

1.On the App Store on your phone, search for “Femm” and up will pop “FEMM Period Ovulation Tracker” in white font with a purple logo

  1. Download the app (don’t worry, you won’t have to make an account!)
  • 3. Stay on the App store’s Femm page, scroll down to “Ratings & Reviews” and click on “Write a Review”
  1. Give 1 star and write an accurate, straightforward review. For example:
    • If you want comprehensive, truthful reproductive health information, go elsewhere.
    • The Femm Foundation, funders of this app, was started by an anti-choice, anti-birth control dude! Find a different one!  
  • 5. Then delete the app from your phone! Done.

6. Extra credit! Scroll through all the reviews and upvote (give a “thumbs up”) to all the other accurate reviews that have been posted so far!