Man, so we have a new Atlantic writer we hate! Today we awoke to the HARROWING BREAKING NEWS story titled “The Trump Administration Sides With Nurses Who Object to Abortion” (we didn’t take a screenshot but we’re pretty sure that was not the headline this morning). Any way it starts with a long-ass fake-ass sob story about a nurse who had told her employer many many times “Look I don’t do abortions” but STILL was FORCED (her words) to perform one when the University of Vermont Medical Center was understaffed. Now first when we read this we were like “dope dope dope that this medical center also provides abortion.” 

But then we also were forced to consider, for a second “hey, when readers see this are they gonna think ‘here is an example of a job stepping too far, avoiding the wishes and needs or their employees, pressuring them to do something they don’t want to do.’” And to this we say… CONSCIENCE CLAUSES FOR NURSES ARE BULLSHIT. THIS NURSE IS NOT A VICTIM! SHE WAS ASKED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL CARE AND SHE DECIDED THAT HER OPINION WAS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HELPING A PATIENT! 

FIRST things first, imagine applying for any other effing job and being like “here’s the thing, answering the phone, total deal breaker for me.” And they’re like “Ma’am, this is a receptionist job.” 

But ALSO, how dare you go into a job where you are supposed to take care of people and then STILL BELIEVE that your own beliefs are more important than theirs. Abortion is healthcare. Period. And if you don’t want to perform abortions… don’t get into healthcare.

BUT FURTHERMORE, and look WE DO NOT BELIEVE ABORTION IS TAKING A LIFE but this is how this writer chooses to END her story (the he is Roger Severino, the head of the Office of Civil Rights– who, incidentally, seems to believe civil rights is only for fetuses:

“How could we countenance a situation where we allow a federally funded entity to force a medical professional to participate in taking a human life?” he added. “That’s what this case is about.”

NOW, again, let us say, abortion is NOT taking a human life. These people should not be in positions of power who still say shit like this. But also doctors all the time have to respect the wishes of their patient even if they believe they “know” the better way. That’s WHAT BEING A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL IS. People are allowed to have DNR’s, people are allowed to stop seeking care even if it means they could die. HOW DARE a doctor think they get to decide someone else’s choice for them.

So we do not need to feel SORRY for this nurse. No way. She picked a profession and then decided she got to make her own rules. She should work in a field that doesn’t require compassion. She is not the victim.