There has been a lot of talk about Indiana’s new abortion bill that was signed by Gov. Mike Pence last Thursday. The bill, one of the most restrictive in the US to date, is loaded with lots of ways to make an abortion almost impossible get, even though it is still technically legal. Way to work it, guys!

Now, the different parts of this bill are all important to discuss, but today we want to take a moment to really focus on one aspect: making a woman pay for the funeral of a fetus after an abortion OR miscarriage. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT RIGHT NOW?!?!

Cruelty. Thy name is ‘woman hating.’

This is straight up emotional torture BESIDES being also financially back breaking. We have no idea why a woman is getting her abortion; it is not our business. We don’t know what she went through, what she’s going through, but let’s make sure we find the least compassionate, most horrific thing we can do to her AND THEN make sure she spends lots of money doing it. Did you take a terror tactics class from the CIA, Pence?

We can’t even wrap our minds around it. We flew by insensitivity, ran past anti-personal freedom, continued sprinting by flat out misogyny and ended up at mid-evil. It’s evil evil.

Traumatizing people emotionally, this bill is also capitalizing on our lack of knowledge about how medical professionals dispose of everything that happens after a procedure. Across the board, for every kind of medical event, people have to sterilize and dispose. It’s just what happens. Can we not make it into something bigger than it is please?! Can we just leave medicine to the doctors and their patients? Mike Pence – can you please get out of our vaginas?!