Back from a lovely weekend of eating hot dogs and also BBQ-ing, we’re once again reminded of how precarious abortion rights are in the United States and how they’re already so under attack that many people who want abortions CAN’T GET THEM or try to PERFORM THEM AT HOME and that is VERY DANGEROUS BUT ALSO A REALITY FOR A LOT OF PEOPLE. And oh boy, we’re mad again, sorry relaxing weekend, you’re long gone now, it’s time to get to some yelling. Which REMINDS US, if you could call your senators today (and every day, really, for the foreseeable future) and remind them that a nonanswer on Roe from whoever the SCOTUS pick may be, is in fact a DANGER to Roe, that’d be great!

On to the news:

If I Wanted to Read a Script That Doesn’t Understand That People With Uteruses Are Three-Dimensional Human Beings I’d Just Read… Every OTHER SCRIPT IN HOLLYWOOD

We Don’t Need to Imagine What a World Without Roe Would Be Like, We Can SEE WHAT IT IS LIKE By Looking at People’s Google Searches

Also Those Dumbass Laws You Just Never Bothered to Take Off Your Books? Turns Out They Could Be Frightfully Relevant in This Worse Possible Timeline We Find Ourselves In

God Bless Abortion, and God Bless Michelle Wolf