White House Acts to Roll Back Birth-Control Mandate for Religious Employers  

(NY Times)

Birth control policy OUT OF CONTROL! It looks like you can forget the Obamacare BIRTH CONTROL MANDATE. We’re back to MAN CONTROL over whether you give BIRTH under Trump. The White House is rolling back ACA requirements for contraceptive coverage, and it’s rolling them right over your rights. It’s all part of Trump’s suck-up to religious crusaders like Frank Pavone who consider birth control to be a “grave evil.” We take it that Frank is not a person of childbearing age.


Trump appointees twist facts, deny science (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Trump appointees FLUNK SCIENCE. It doesn’t take much research to discover that the Trump administration is stocking the Department of Health and Human Services with whackjobs who deny basic science. As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch points out in an editorial–two of Trump’s top picks don’t even believe that birth control works… and that abortion causes breast cancer. Sounds like somebody needs A BIG “F”!


Breaking Down Senate Bill 8, Texas' Newest Anti-Abortion Law 

(Dallas Observer)

THE HATEFUL 8… Texas’s Senate Bill 8 is a hate fest that targets abortion providers. It requires all fetal tissue be given burial or cremation, bans fetal tissue donation, and outlaws the safest, most common second-trimester abortion procedure–with no exceptions for rape or incest. Texas SB 8 should be considered a hate crime against women.


Editorial: Anti-abortion agenda limits birth control

(Des Moines Register)

Hard-Hearted Heartland. Anti-abortion lawmakers in Iowa are endangering women’s lives and cutting off access to birth control in their crusade to defund Planned Parenthood. In this TAKEDOWN of their own, the Des Moines Register showed how Iowa forced the shutdown of Planned Parenthood clinics around the state by refusing to accept federal family planning money. That left their 15,000 patients (including over 2,000 under age 21) without everything from contraceptives to cancer screenings. “Pro-life” is life-threatening in Iowa.


Laura Ingraham and her joyless henchmen are SHOCKED! SHOCKED! that humans reject their JUDGY SHAME PATH! (Do Not Link It)

They seem baffled by polling that shows Americans approve of things like gay relationships and Constitutionally-guaranteed abortion rights. It’s all about America and Family Values, bitches!