Oh look, we’re in Teen Vogue today! Our lovely first intern Solange, who is BACK FOR MORE this summer and currently travelling with us for the Vagical Mystery Tour wrote a great piece about LPJL and you should all read it. We’re hmm… let’s just say in the belly of the beast this week, so it’s so great to talk about how much we love what we do! We’ll keep it brief today and just say look out for us on Facebook later (***purposely secretive tone***)

And maybe you’ll be seeing us on… the news soon. Quick q: does anyone have any spare bail money?

Today’s Stories!

Oh Weird That No Part of NYC Wants to Be Associated With Your Shitty Anti-Abortion Movie, Nick!

Also, WE NEED TO REMEMBER THAT EMBRYOS ARE NOT CHILDREN, And Maybe There Just Need to Be Like, Better Frozen Embryo Pre-nups Or Something

From the Fools Who Brought You “Banning Abortion” Here Comes “Oh, But Also We’re Gonna Take Away Your Birth Control Too”

We’ve Lost Our Faith In Most Judges Besides Sotomayor and RBG, But We Want to Remind You to #DefendTitleX

Every State Local Newspaper Should Be Writing About (And a Lot Are) Exactly What will Happen In Their State If Roe Gets Overturned

And Oh Look, Massachusetts Steps Up to the Plate and Will Vote to Repeal Archaic Abortion Laws. We Don’t Like to Give Out the “Better Late Than Never” Award, But If They DO Repeal Them We’ll Take it Out of Retirement!