On the Vagical Mystery Tour we encounter a lot of haters. We counter-protest their terrible sidewalk screaming; we give them a taste of their own medicine outside of their fake clinics; we, in general, get all up in their face (peacefully, but also, hilariously). And since one of the biggest stories of the day is children being separated from their families AND SINCE these zygote huggers say they care SOOO much about children, we have to ask them, “Why are you not protesting family separation?” One fetalist told us it’s because they’re not actually killing those children. Well, neither are we, but whatever, keep reading us the company line. But another sidewalk screamer told us something we can’t shake. He said, “Because it’s not our issue.”

This weekend we joined the wonderful people of Nashville and marched to #KeepFamiliesTogether. We watched the amazing speeches from powerful, mad-as-hell, determined women and it reminded us why we fight so hard, every day, to combat the evils of this world. Because the truth is, as human beings in the world, who care about the reproductive freedom and body autonomy, of COURSE it’s our issue.

And that, we know, is the fundamental difference between us and THE PEOPLE SO DESPERATELY TRYING TO SHAME UTERUS-HAVERS. We talk about abortion a lot here, obvs, thank god for abortion. But we understand that why and how people get, need, want, have abortions exists in a broader context. We understand that the world is big. We understand that a main reason people can have or not have children is financial circumstances. So equal pay is also our issue. We understand that a lot of people worry about maintaining their careers after they have a kid (and that it determines when they want to have a child), so paid family leave is also our issue. And we understand that 59% percent of people who have abortions are mothers. So our issue NEVER stops. Reproductive rights and body autonomy are all-encompassing. We don’t stop caring once someone has an abortion. We don’t stop caring once someone doesn’t have an abortion. We admire the work of incredible reproductive justice orgs like Sister Song and COLOR and NLIRH who work tirelessly to fight for the all-encompassing body autonomy.

But we do look at the world from a reproductive rights standpoint, and that’s why we can see so clearly that the people so desperate to control a person’s body because they “care so much about the babies, THINK OF THE BABIES” are almost always proven hypocrites when it comes to real (post-born) babies. See Scott Lloyd, head of the office of refugee resettlement. He is responsible for the horrible living conditions of the children taken from their families in the United States. He ALSO was on the board of a fake clinic (the things we HATE SO MUCH) and tried to keep Jane Doe from having an abortion AND sent her to a fake clinic.

Anti-abortion hypocrites will always show you their true colors, most of the time hideously and obviously so. Take the protesters who thought this weekend’s march would be a good time to make it all about them and call abortion “true family separation.” Who can imagine being that gross and callous???

They pretend to care, we actually do. They are so single-minded that they can’t even take a break from shaming people outside of clinics to help actual kids.

So to the man who said “it’s not my issue” we’d just like to say, basic human decency is everyone’s issue. Put down your gross poster, stop yelling at women, and read a fucking newspaper.