????????????LIFE IS A HIGHWAY????????????

Do you hear that puppet, singing Rascal Flatts at the top of its fallopian tubes, that’s Eunice. You see, we’re hitting the road today for the Vagical Mystery Tour, and Eunice called shotgun. We’re travelling to independent abortion providers throughout the ole’ U.S. of A.

Story time: at our event Friday a very nice man came up to us and asked about independent abortion providers. He said we must only really travel to the South, right? I mean, he hopes it’s not EVERYWHERE, some places are like, fine with reproductive rights, right? Well, not to call him out, again HE CAME TO OUR EVENT and was very nice, but yes, most certainly, it is EVERYWHERE. Just today, research from the University of California, San Francisco found that it was actually the MIDWEST that had the fewest abortion clinics per women.

Sure, it happens in states like Louisiana, but it’s Iowa that passed the fetal heartbeat bill, In Tennessee (where we’re going) they are trying to get a FUCKING MONUMENT TO THE UNBORN built, in South Bend, Indiana (where we’re headed Amy Hagstrom Miller faced all sorts of blowback trying to open a nonsurgical abortion clinic and a fake clinic is ruthlessly trying to open next door, in Milwaukee (another tour stop) attack ads ran that accused a candidate wanted to abort the next Martin Luther King Jr. BECAUSE SHE SUPPORTED ABORTION RIGHTS.

We’re hitting the road for a reason, folks! Allow us to inspire you to volunteer at a clinic near you. And also consider sending postcards to your local abortion clinic, to tell them you appreciate what they do!

Also, let us know if you have any songs to add to our dope tour playlist!