Greetings From Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and Day Two of the Vagical Mystery Tour,

You know throughout the United States reproductive rights are being eroded by small-minded politicians who are like “hey, let’s just institute a thing where like… abortion’s totally legal… until you find out your pregnant. If you don’t KNOW you’re pregnant, you can still get one!” And now we’re seeing an attack on the FEDERAL level with recent Title X restrictions.

We know it sometimes feels like you’re screaming into the wind of a hurricane, but there’s actually a lot you can do to let the government know they done fucked up. Bustle has a great breakdown here, Planned Parenthood Action Fund has a letter all set and you can just press send to make your public comment, or you know, go to the source and call 202-690-7000 to really let ‘em have it. Like this great article from The Hill says, Title X was already overregulated, so wouldn’t it be hilarious karma if in their attempt to destroy everything, we all rallied together and made Title X EVEN BETTER than it was before!

We know that seems pretty optimistic, but it’s the first day of our tour and we’re feeling hopeful!

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