It’s Monday!?

Did you spend all weekend in a rage about how we’re now debating if chain fences in a square CONSTITUTE A FUCKING CAGE? Well, good news, it’s ONLY GONNA GET WORSE FROM HERE! There was no NIFLA decision today, but we feel it beating down on us, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

Here’s the news for the day!

To the List of Haters Who Think It’s OK to Compare Abortion to the Holocaust We Have to Add… The Pope 🙁


NO DUH! Every Study Ever Has Proven That There is No Link Between Abortion and Depression, But, Don’t Worry, 8 States Still Require Clinics to Inaccurately Report That There IS A LINK


But Who You Gonna Believer, An Actual Doctor or Someone Who Thinks A Bunch of Teens Are Gonna Stop Wanting to Bone Because an Adult Told Them Their Bodies Were Like Chewing Gum


A Womb Raider Wrote An Opinion Piece Arguing That Pro-Choice People Should Be Against the Abortion Pill Because it … Causes an Abortion and Like, Lady, That’s Our Whole Thing! We’re Into That!


In Good News, Amy Hagstrom Miller Continues to Be A Frickin’ Goddess Valiantly Fighting Off Shitty TRAP Laws From Every Direction and She Deserves All the Cheesecake and Bubble Bath Money Can Buy