Today we’d like to remind you to stand for something, to keep calling your representatives, and to donate your time. Every little chip away at the mountain of bullshit is important, and, well, if you can bring a fucking sledgehammer, that’d be great!

The News:

Bustle Brings You Their Weekly “Everything You Wanted to Know About Abortion But Because Our Society Stigmatizes Everything to do With Uteruses, You Were Too Afraid to Ask” Series

Maybe a Fake Clinic Can Give Like, One Blanket to These Kids In Cages, But Oh Wait, They Won’t Because the Anti-Choice Movement Are a Bunch of Cowards When It Comes to, LET ME REPEAT, LITERAL KIDS IN FUCKING CAGES

Oh, But You Know What These Cowards CAN Do, Viciously Attack the People, Like Planned Parenthood, Who, You Know, Actually Do Care About, ONE MORE TIME NOW, LITERAL KIDS IN FUCKING CAGES. Further Proof that They Don’t Care About Kids, Just Insulting Abortion Providers

Man, Could This Headline Be Anymore Confusing, But Bottom Line MEDICATION ABORTION IS ALLOWED IN ARKANSAS FOR 14 DAY, SO GO WILD!

Honestly, You Gotta Read These Extremists Talk About How There Should Be No Exception for Rape or Risking the Mother’s Life. It’s Proof How Off the Deep End the Womb Raiders Are That No One Is Trying to Check These People