This week we were in West Virginia where reproductive rights are UNDER ATTACK! We visited the great Women’s Health Center… and showed you how they’re RIGHT NEXT to a fake clinic (so close that our friend Joyelle’s Lyft driver didn’t even know where to drop her off). Now we’re pulling out…

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On to Toledo we go!

The News:

Woodword and Bumstain Over Here Are CONTINUING to Try to Come For Whole Woman’s South Bend Clinic, This Time Wading Through THOUSANDS of Documents to Find a Few Missing Commas. Let’s Be Clear: Clinics Care About Their Patients.

In VIRGINIA We’re Coming For Your TRAP Laws, Because If Your State Motto Is Virginia Is For Lovers, You GOTTA Be Chiller About Abortion

Meanwhile, Washington is SUPPOSED to Be Our Mecca of Reproductive Freedom, But GUESS WHAT They’re Still Victim to the SHITTY FEDERAL POLICY of Title X Cuts

Zygote Huggers Live in the Fantasy World Where Hillary Clinton Was Elected President, and Honestly, We Wanna Live There Too