You’ve got to be KITTEN us! So remember how Whole Woman’s is trying to open up an abortion clinic (for nonsurgical abortions) in South Bend (You know, like those clinics in Arkansas who are now being TRAP-lawed out of operation)? Well, before they’ve even opened their doors a FAKE CLINIC has been trying to move in next door. Their first bid failed, thank GOODNESS, when the city said “NO FAKERS.” But now … wait for it… A CAT MOTEL next door has offered to let the fake clinic move into its space. We honestly, feel so betrayed, as cat lovers. In fact our resident cat mama explained in the morning meeting, “Wait, aren’t all cat ladies cool and progressive?!” Turns out, NOPE!

So, as we do best, we wanted to turn tragedy into humor and also show Whole Woman’s some love. So use #MeowYourAbortion to send us your best CAT PUNS exposing this fake clinics. EXAMPLES:

“That FELINE when you’ve been betrayed by anti-abortion cat ladies #MeowYourAbortion.”
“The protesters are out in fur force every Caturday! #MeowYourAbortion.”

“You’ve gotta be KITTEN us with anti-abortion shit! #MeowYourAbortion.”

Show these fake clinics they messed with the WRONG pack!

P.S. If you really wanna re-purr-sent you could always come out to the Vagical Mystery Tour when we stop by South Bend this SUMMER!