You guys ready to get lit? It’s time to talk about THE INTRICACIES OF STATE SENATE PROCEEDINGS (**AIR HORN**). We’ve read two whole articles about what went down in the New York State Senate this week and it sounds like… a bunch of nonsense. So Senate Democrats have been trying to get the Reproductive Health Act to a vote, but the GOP majority (Yes, in New York, can you believe it?)  in the State Senate has been dragging their feet. Except, this week it seemed like maybe, just maybe they WERE going to vote on RHA and contraceptive coverage… as amendments to other legislation (OK STICK WITH US WE KNOW IT IS CONFUSING). But then because a … woman (female senator) opened her mouth to speak about the amendments… it all fell apart? Maybe it was always gonna fall apart, maybe it was against the rules of the Senate to… actually talk about what they’re voting on. In general, these male senators seem kinda like messy bitches that live for drama. Here’s a quote from the WRVO article:

“Whatever rule you came up with, that’s not the rule of this house,” DeFrancisco said, pounding his fist on his desk. “Otherwise, we can get up and talk about anything we want on another bill.”

Anyway, the New York State Senate seems like an episode of Real Housewives. We don’t know if maybe the Senate will reverse course and put this up for a vote again. But here’s a good time to remind everyone that even in APPEARS TO BE A VERY PROGRESSIVE STATE we have to fight fight fight for reproductive rights. Our buddies Erika and Garin at RHAVotes have been fighting tirelessly to pass the Reproductive Health Act. The current New York state law is outdated and bad (you can read Erika’s story about how she had to go out of state for an abortion when she found out her pregnancy was nonviable. YES, THAT’S RIGHT, OUT OF NEW YORK STATE to get an abortion.)

Honestly, even though everyone was being a real drama queen, it IS good news that the Senate seems closer to a vote (they were dilly-dallying for so long). So for Erika, Garin, and all the people of New York, let’s give the state senate the NUDGE it needs to vote on this act (and the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act). Head on over to WHARR’s website for a comprehensive list of what YOU can do today!