Eunice the Uterus rides in on a Pegasus to to accept the Nobel Peace Prize, as abortion is free throughout the United States and kids are taught about birth control in school.

Oh sorry, I was just writing some fan fiction.

Back to reality where the word “abortion” still elicits hushed towns from pundits and politicians alike. Given how the media (and shitty anti-choice websites) talk about abortion you’d think it was an issue that was ripping  our country apart! But the numbers do not add up! Support for abortion is at an all-time high, despite what anti-abortion extremists may spout from their pretty pursed anuses. A recent poll by the  Pew Research Center shows that as little as 16% of people nationally believe abortion should be illegal. In another study released just two days ago, Data For Progress found that the number of people who support banning abortion is very low, and never is greater than 25% in ANY state. That should be good news, right? RIGHT!?!

But still the “Abortion Wars” as the Hill so annoyingly calls them wage on. Honestly, you’d think it would be more of a 50-50 split the way we’re asked to play both sides, the way we’re told it’s a wedge issue that should be sacrificed to win elections, the way TRAP laws are crammed down our throats and lawyers argue that having to travel 100 miles isn’t REALLY an “undue burden” guys cuz like, how many people has it even happened to, you know? Extreme groups have hijacked the national agenda and are holding it hostage, much like they do with gun control (where common sense gun safety precautions enjoy widespread support among Americans).

We know this is just one study, but it always feels good to remember we are NOT the extremists here. And we need to be heard! We need to take back the conversation around abortion from the extremists trying to control the conversation (and the voting booths).

Because if we use our power in the voting booth, reproductive rights for all doesn’t HAVE to be fan fiction.