So we get an email of the news every day and today there was a subsection labeled:  “Equating Abortion to Slavery.” Y’ALLLLLLLLLL! This happens like… at least once a week though.

So here’s the thing, we followed the 6-week bans from when they were just being proposed and now they are being signed. AND THEN for most of them, they will be challenged in court. That’s why people keep saying “Remember, abortion is still legal in ALABAMA and GEORGIA.” Just because a governor signs a bill… doesn’t mean shit. Unconstitutional is still unconstitutional. We haven’t lit the Constitution on FIYAHHH yet.

But truly the evidence we’re in the darkest timeline is Missouri. So things could and SHOULD still work out but… Missouri could still very well lose their last clinic. The effing state is still tring to let some RIDICULOUS permitting nonsense cutoff healthcare for a LOAD of people. It’s so ridiculous that EVERY time we read exactly what they want to do in an article we’re like “What? What????” And a
judge AGREED with us that the state was basically asking for like everything in triplicate and also stand on your head while drinking a glass of water. But it’s still unclear if the clinic can permanently stay open.

And what makes this EVEN MORE darkest timeline (yes MORE so than the first state without an abortion clinic since Roe) is that ONCE THIS IS SETTLED, they still have to deal with the fact that Missouri passed a complete ban on abortion (after 8 weeks… still a complete ban). It’s like, imagine a state government going after LITERALLY ONE STORE, ONE STORE IN THE WHOLE STATE, SO RELENTLESSLY. Like imagine if they just kept regulating Ma and Pa’s Wings … FOREVER. Read this, feel exhausted for 10 minute, donate to the Gateway Fund.