Holy inspiration Batman!!

Hey All. Lizz here. What a life-changing experience we are all having. We thought we would be able to post daily dispatches from on this trip, but the amount of work and support that needed to happen has simply overridden our plan.

We will get you videos soon but Sharron is now escorting patients, Ashley is doing clinic defense with The Pink House defenders, Jordana, Claude and Shannon are interviewing the extremists and the rest of us have been asked to monitor, film and post in real time on social media the activities of these people and make sure when they breach the barriers, ( and they are continually breaching barriers) the cops are notified at once.

We have posts coming about the wonderful Pink House Defenders at Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the great team here in Alabama and the awesome time we are having as friends helping friends and causing some trouble.

We have captured some inspiring and emotional stories.

But for right now, being able to be of service and comfort to everyone here at Reproductive Health Services in Montgomery needs to be a priority.

And I speak for the entire LPJL Crew when I say, “It’s our pleasure.”

I do have a sec right now to post a few moments from the trip. Enjoy!

The stories to follow will be worth the wait.


Lizz and the LPJL Team