Lizz here. The League said our “See ya laters” to the women and men of Mississippi and Alabama. There were tears and long hugs because we made profound connections with people who represent the best in humanity.

When planning for this trip, we wanted to be helpful. We wanted to be safe. These folks made us feel safe. We hoped we were helpful.

Then I got this Facebook post from Derenda, one of the Pink House Defenders, who protects the last clinic open in Mississippi and its patients and staff.

Not only did she let us know we did what we came to do, she basically defined a big part of The Lady Parts Justice League's mission.

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It is our pleasure to make the lives of these wonderful people a little easier.

Lemme tell ya something: These activists: they got this. Our job was to say, “we got you.”

It's time we all make a commitment to be the pack mule in the fight. People who are doing great and challenging work every day need to be able to focus on the work. If we can pick up coffee, bring a sandwich or a glass of wine, it can make all the difference to helping someone get across the finish line. And when that finish line means a clinic stays open, everybody reaps the rewards. I hope you all watch this page in the next days and weeks as we post our videos from the trip and all the work we do. But what I really hope, is that you feel inspired to become a pack mule in your community. It's fun, rewarding and makes a huge difference.

So from everyone here at LPJL, Thanks, Derenda, Michelle, Mia and all of you on the front lines.

We got you.