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Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) introduced resolutions in the Senate and House that designate the week of November 8, as “National Pregnancy Center Week.” In case you didn’t know, National Pregnancy Centers are not medical institutions. They are not staffed by doctors or trained medical professionals. These are fake clinics created by anti-choice activists with the sole purpose of shaming women into continuing their pregnancies. They actively deprive women of reproductive health information in the name of discouraging them from choosing abortion.

Oh, and often times YOUR tax dollars fund them, like in Florida with “Choose Life” license plates, or worse, in Indiana, Governor Mike “Two Transvaginal Ultrasounds” Pence, moved millions of dollars out of TANF programs to fund these exSCAMination facilities.

So let this be your notice that there are members of congress who are further wasting your time and tax dollars designating a week to celebrating how successful they have been at creating so many bullshit health centers that harm people who need real doctors.

It seems like instead of November 8th, April Fool’s Day or Halloween would be a better day to celebrate. Most of what these places do is have employees dress up like doctors and trick women into thinking they are getting legitimate medical care.