What they do in front of clinics should not be considered “counseling.” We see this every day and hate it but today, we’ve decided to go all in! Because, here’s the thing, journalists do not HAVE to use the words they use. Like if I called running up to every member of 5 Seconds of Summer and asking for a kiss “counseling” we’re pretty sure any good journalist would be like “Naw bitch, that’s harassment.” And that’s what these guys are doing!

Look we know this is hack but let’s just go to ye’ olde dictionary to find the definition of counseling “the provision of assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties, especially by a professional.” You know what PROFESSIONALS do the counseling at clinics? The fucking clinic workers! DUH! Also it’s funny that these people are like “you have other options.” Ummmmm… does that include finding a million dollar money tree? We’re pretty sure people KNOW what their options are. 

We’re thinking about street harassers again because of GOOD news though actually! Jackson won their buffer zone ordinance! And we’re so thrilled! The Pinkhouse defenders see truly the scum of the earth outside the clinic and it’s in the best interest of patients that they don’t have to deal with people with loud amplification yelling at them that they’re going to hell.

But one thing that UBER bums us out is how MILD this ordinance is and how THE FUCKING IDIOTS ON THE OTHER SIDE STILL tried to argue that it infringed on their free speech. Yes we’re pretty sure the FOUNDING FATHERS were talking about you having to stand 15 feet (LITERALLY THAT IS IT) in front of a clinic and 8 feet away from patients. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MILD THAT IS. It literally means you just can’t get in someone’s face. You still can be ignorant OUTSIDE of the clinic, you just can’t run up to someone and harass them. You can still harass them from afar! WHAT KIND OF EFFING MONSTER really is arguing that he has the RIGHT to be on top of someone telling them about adoption. 

Also we’d just like to point out something we saw on tour again. Men were carrying signs that said they’d adopt your fetus. Wanna guess how many of these men had ever adopted a baby?