Well here we are AGAIN! 

When we sat down to write the blog for today we were like “Wait a minute, is this just YESTERDAY’S blog again?” But no, friends, this is a blog ABOUT ANOTHER STATE that … rather than think (read: care) for a second about the realities of people’s bodies has decided to go ALL IN on you bringing your toilet products of conception into a hospital and being like “put this in the world’s tiniest coffin for me!”

UTAH is moving forward a bill that says that anyone who has an abortion or MISCARRIES can bring in the products of conception into the clinic. The sponsor of the bill complains that it’s being misunderstood but… we read bro and, it’s bad. 

See things like this CLAIM to care so much about pregnant people, but they actually make their life immeasurably harder. So first the bill has all these stipulations for what a provider has to tell their patient before an abortion, then the person has to check off a box saying how they want their products of conception disposed of, THEN if it happens at home they have to BRING IT BACK IN in a sealed container. We can’t imagine ANY situation where that would go wrong (*Cough* automatic flush toilets *cough cough*).

But some OTHER aspects of the bill that are bad is: ONE, there’s not like… a very clear contingency for what happens if the person is just like “I don’t… care.” They can allegedly just not check a box on a form but… seems like that could very easily become “nope you have to decide!”

TWO, if the patient is a minor their PARENTS have to give consent for how to dispose of fetal remains.  This is so fucking gross! Like in that CLAUSE alone any sort of “we’re just giving people options” “we’re just helping people deal emotionally” goes completely out the window. The “we just want to control people” IS SO OBVIOUS HERE. WHY WOULD PARENTS NEED TO CONSENT TO WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR PRODUCTS OF CONCEPTION??? WHO IS THAT POSSIBLY HELPING??

Every man who proposes these bills, we’d say, has to look at the mess that is my monthly tampon and pad haul for like one year before they can propose these types of bills again!