Well well well, some GOOD news! It’s great when a case goes before some REAL judges and not a 22-year-old deemed “unfit for everything” who sometimes now has a lifetime appointment. ~*~*~LIFE IS A NIGHTMARE~*~*~ 

The “conscience clause” is… bullshit. Rules like these to respect religion are… bullshit. You wanna know why? Cuz rules that would ACTUALLY respect religion would be “you can’t get fired if you need to pray at a certain time” or “we won’t make you shave your beard, because it is part of your religion.” Conscience clauses are like… imagine if the WORST women in your church got to judge your cooking every night AND IT WAS THE LAW. Now just imagine if the worst person from your church was… a doctor and could be like “I just don’t FEEL like doing this emergency procedure and you can’t make me and also the nearest doctor who can do this is an hour away so BYE!”

This Conscience Clause thing was all for… 21 complaints. LOL. That’s fewer complaints than I got when I wore my “Sluts 4 Choice” shirt to the water park. The other side tried to say there was a surge 343 complaints and…. The judge was like “Um, these are all about vaccines.” Nothing is funnier to us than imagining him throwing all these complaints in the garbage pile. 

Oh but we’ve been teasing you, but the good news is that this “conscience clause” was BLOCKED in a federal court! SUCK ON THATTTTT!