Remember that time you used a public restroom and a trans person was just hanging out in there to make you feel weird and uncomfortable?

Yeah, me neither.

Yet, we live in a country that insists that this is happening and worse, has decided to pass laws to keep these non existent problems from happening. There is no real purpose for these laws other than to stigmatize and shame people for simply wanting to live authentic lives and wanting to pee safely in public restrooms.

North Carolina just became the latest state to pass transphobic laws that not only scream, “ We refuse to see you or recognize you and your right to privacy,” but that actually foster an environment wherein the very people demonized and marginalized by these laws are actually the ones harmed in public restrooms.

The nuts and bolts of the North Carolina bigots’ bathroom bill are these: the city of Charlotte had the unmitigated gall to pass a law recognizing people’s humanity by allowing them to use restrooms based on their gender identity, rather than their birth gender. Well, we can’t have that now can we? So the same intolerant crackpots that inserted draconian anti abortion language into a Motorcycle Safety Bill and cracked down on that scary wave of Sharia law that was about to take over North Carolina, put their foot down, and rushed to pass a bill giving the state government the power to supersede municipal law, all in order to prevent imaginary predators from harming people, and creating a real threat to trans folks who are often victims of violence. Forget about the 200 municipalities that have enacted laws similar to the Charlotte ordinance and resulting in ZERO incidents, LET’S JUST BE A NATION THAT GINS UP HATRED instead of building a safer world for our citizens.

We need to demand that our elected officials tackle the real problems of gender discrimination, instead of allowing them to make up problems designed to justify their bigotry.

If you haven’t gotten the full essence of my rage about this, I will leave you with something Triumph the insult comic dog might say, “ That ‘s a nice law, FOR ME TO POOP ON.”