Let’s talk about the lead (first sentence) in this article about zygote-loving “liberals” for a second:  “In the left-of-center universes where I have mostly lived, worked and been politically active, it is now awkward to introduce oneself as a Democrat who supports the choice for life over that of abortion. The reaction is often polite but perplexed.” Bro is that how you introduce yourself at parties? “Yes I’m an anti-abortion Democrat.” And the hostess is just like “Um… I was asking if I could take your coat.” Look articles like this, where anti-abortion “Democrats” act SOOOOO victimized because they can’t believe whatever they want and still be part of the party on the right side of history, are mostly lame and shouldn’t be considered. But we’d just like to reiterate what we’ve always said. 1. If you don’t like the act of an abortion you could always not get one… especially if you’re a dude (which, you know, they often are) and it doesn’t even apply to you. And 2. Abortion isn’t some philosophical hypothetical for you to solve. Like sure, wax poetic all you want about when life begins or how many cells constitute a human being. We don’t exist in a bubble in your mind. We exist in the real world where a million different life circumstances affect our decisions. So maybe in your perfect thought experiment world every pregnancy is wanted and healthy… but that’s just never gonna be the real world case. Maybe stop fucking jacking off to your thought experiments and walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Shoutout to all articles shaming Oregon for allowing this garbage abortion measure to get on their ballot. And a forever fuck you to people who will watch the world fall apart for everyone else if they have to pay like, $2 less in taxes.

Honestly, just let Hillary Clinton BE at this point. The Queen of Desperation Kellyanne Conway called Clinton the “Queen of Abortion” which, lol, girl, everything you do is just so BLATANTTTTT! But it’s also offensive to Amy Hagstrom Miller, and Amanda Kifferly, and a million other WONDERFUL ABORTION QUEENS OUT THERE!

And to all the beautiful abortion queens (and kings) who read this, please vote!