Last night, ON A MONDAY NIGHT (possibly so everyone would be caught up in The Bachelor on ABC – coincidence we think not), two House Committees released a GOP bill to “repeal and replace” The Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Ways and Means and the Energy and Commerce committees revealed a Republican bill that WE HAVE BEEN HEARING ABOUT FOREVER (ever since Obama released the ACA Republicans have been fighting against it offering no genuine alternative ideas or trying to find ways so make it work). The plan that would essentially reshape (make worse) the ACA is expected to go through many changes, drafts, arguments, fights, etc etc etc and then would need to get passed through the House and Senate before it gets signed by “The President.” Voting on parts of the bill is expected to start as early as Wednesday (tomorrow).

As previously threatened by Paul Ryan and the GOP, they have found a away to make abortion unattainable for many women with this new plan. In this bill, if a facility wants to be eligible to receive medicaid funds, it cannot provide abortion services. NOW WE ALL KNOW (despite the GOP's continuous misinformation plan to tell the public otherwise) that since The Hyde Amendment was passed in 1976 no federal funding goes towards abortions. EVER. This bill is basically making it so women who have medicaid won’t be able to get paps, cancer screenings, birth control pills, etc., at clinics where abortions are being done. Essentially the government is saying (and Trump actually said directly to Planned Parenthood) stop providing abortions or get no money for anything. WHAT A FUCKING BUNCH OF SHIT BAGS.

This is such a helpful plan for lower income women right?! Their abortions already weren’t covered but now their local clinics can’t take medicaid for the exams or contraception either. Seems to us like more women will be getting pregnant and then won’t be able to get an abortion or prenatal care. Nicely done GOP! YOU ARE FUCKING WOMEN OVER.

It seems the bill will also make it incredibly expensive for private insurance companies to cover abortion as well which might push them to not cover the procedure all together. Once again the GOP is showing us that you don’t have to make something illegal if you just make it unattainable. Atta boys!

As we have draw closer and closer to the ACA actually being repealed more and more people who were previously against it are coming forward saying “Oh hey, maybe Obamacare wasn’t that bad. We are maybe changing our minds on that. AHAHAHAHA. Our bad.” Clench your buttholes, we’re about to get fucked.