Y’all this ridiculous “infanticide” thing is crushing our days. We just like… can’t believe how low they’ll stoop. Like, we always knew there were fringe people who were just straight up monsters who would go to clinics with roses and refuse to leave. But now the fringe people get like 12 hours on ABC and NBC and CNN in ADDITION to 24-hours on Fox News. Now the fringe are on the FUCKING View, spreading their lies to stay-at-home moms who are just trying to learn new gd squash casserole recipes, OK.

Here’s the thing: New York’s Reproductive Health Act is really good. It helps people not have to pay thousands of dollars in travel in addition to thousands in medical bills to have an abortion late in pregnancy. Usually, like most of the time, because their fetus would not survive.

Yet somehow the straight-up idiots on the other side have decided that now we like, want people to give birth to healthy babies, look them in the eye, and then decide if they should live or die. AND THEY KEEP FUCKING DOUBLING DOWN ON THIS LIE.

And like, now states are getting cold feet about PROVIDING ADEQUATE REPRODUCTIVE CARE TO THEIR CONSTITUENTS. Enter New Mexico which REALLY shoulda known better! They were about to pass their own version of the RHA but a bunch of SO-CALLED DEMOCRATS tanked it!

(But on the flip good side, enter Nevada who is wading in the waters of idiots to try to pass their own bill decriminalizing abortion. Hopefully you fare better than New Mexico!

And in the realm of “Oh no is this gonna be our reality into the 2020 election,” Fox News gives us this headline “Beto O'Rourke seemingly endorses third-trimester abortions: ‘That should be a decision the woman makes’”. HONESTLY THIS IS A GOOD QUOTE but you know only Fox could be like “This is bad.” Oh, you are saying women should be able to make their own decisions, I don’t think so dude, good luck trying to be president.

The other side has always peddled an insincere narrative but they’re REALLY straw manning all their arguments now. So don’t let them fucking cull all their minions together and be like “see the big bad Democrats are saying we should be able to kill 3-year-olds.” CUZ THERE ARE NO PEOPLE WHO WE SUPPORT WHO WANT TO KILL BABIES AFTER BIRTH. COME THE FUCK ON!