We think we need to get on a secret anti-abortion listserv that details they’re new, stupider and stupider talking points each month. Because we guess in 2019 they’ve decide to double down on “infanticide.” And like, we GET, we get, that a lot of people don’t read the whole story and so they will see it and be like “What?? 4 more years!” But… COME ON PEOPLE! Don’t be this STUPID. This is not the fucking issue. We’ve moved away from the like, contentious stuff and gone… FULL ON RIDICULOUS.

It almost makes us want to go full on off the grid and live in the wilderness because WHY IS THIS WHAT SOCIETY IS? Like, mainstream society. The New York Times had to write this dek “Infants are rarely born alive after abortion procedures, and if they are, doctors do not kill them.” OF FUCKING COURSE? Are you kidding me? WHAT FUCKING WORLD DO WE LIVE IN? Anti-choicers, you are debating with NO ONE. This is the biggest straw man argument we’ve ever seen.

And it’s just SOOO fucking blatant. Enter fulltime idiot Meghan McCain arguing on The View that Democrats are pro-infanticide. This is fucking BLATANT and cruel and you should all be ashamed of yourself. “Let’s list all these Democrats running for president and then say they voted against this useless bill and that means they support infanticide.” It’s so fucking OBVIOUS.

This is a bill that already exists! This is like being if the Republicans were like  “we’re just gonna write a new bill that makes shoplifting illegal one more time and also punishes EVERYONE AROUND THE SHOPLIFTER” and Democrats were like “this is a fucking waste of time” and then Republicans were like “Wow, look at all these Democrats that are pro-shoplifting.”

There are NO PEOPLE who think that if you see a baby alive and born you should just like, let it die. This is NOT a thing you are fighting NO ONE.

In fact, this “born alive” nonsense is so rare (almost like it never happens but we can’t say never because they’ll pull up some bullshit random case and be like ‘SEE NOT NEVER’ but it’ll be from like the 1800s or some shit) that when doctors are asked about it they often bring up… not abortions. Like, situations where labor is induced or a baby is born prematurely. Neither of these are abortions. Just so we’re being clear. But doctors interviewed for these pieces occasionally have to be like “OK, when would a baby be born in a situation where it … might die?”

And so we get heart-wrenching articles like this piece by Dr. Jen Gunter about losing one of her triplets when he was born at 22 weeks. We applaud her for writing it because she knew the heartless vultures in the anti-abortion movement would jump on it. Enter the Federalist with the “Well, this isn’t really what we’re talking about argument.” Um… yes it fucking is because you EQUATE EVERYTHING in your fucking single-minded quest to deny people rights. You 100% call people whose babies cannot survive “murderers” when you talk about late-term abortion. And you 100% are using late-term abortion and this “born alive” act TOGETHER to argue about “infanticide.” And you are WRONG and CRUEL!