Y’all, we were busy protesting Fox News this morning and then BANG, Rep. Barbara Lee and Sen. Tammy Duckworth introduced a bill to end Hyde??? We should go to Times Square more often! The EACH Woman Act is BOLD and we love it! Women and pregnant people SHOULD not be penalized and forced to carry a pregnancy to term because they can’t afford an abortion. We love that women in the Senate and House are being repro warriors!

OK but speaking of our protest, we went to Times Square with Media Matters during an emergency advertisers meeting at Fox News (honestly, we wanted to see some mustachioed evil advertisers, but we just saw a lot of young Republicans). It was a great event and we think you all should boycott places that still advertise on Fox News. Meaning Hulu, sadly, no Handmaid’s. But that’s so we CANNOT BECOME HANDMAID’S!
Watch the rally here! Fuck Fox News!!!!