My Dearest Charlene,

I am deep in the “ectopic pregnancy” take cycle and provisions are low. I fear the worse. 

Well, we finally got the print rebuttal to that UNHINGED ectopic pregnancy story where the lady is like “Look, why not just DIE cuz at least then you don’t have to SAY you had an abortion and you can live with yourself. Oops I forgot you died in this scenario. Here let me say .2% so I sound like I did research.” 

Let’s play a game. Which of these do you think was published on the Federalist: “This life-threatening pregnancy complication is the next frontier in the abortion debate” OR “In An Ectopic Pregnancy, It’s Medical Malpractice Not To Save The Mother’s Life By Removing The Baby.” Gah we guess it’s more obvious which of these is in that orange font, number two. Truly, we KNEW not to expect anything from the Federalist but we were… I guess… IDK not hopeful but at least… expectant that maybe there would be something reasonable in this ARTICLE. BUT NOPEEEEEEEEEEEE! This DOCTOR says “abortion is wrong” in the SECOND PARAGRAPH. And honestly we stopped reading after he prefaced his “yeah ok so, ectopic pregnancy is a situation where we do actually have to perform an abortion” argument with like 500 words being like “It’s ok, it’s OK, it’s OK readers I am ON YOUR SIDE AND A NIGHTMARE PERSON TOO, I just like… did go to med school… so… wait wait wait… don’t stop reading ABORTION is murder… ok but still I did go to med school and there’s no way that the mother doesn’t… wait wait wait we can’t SAY we don’t care about the mother OUT LOUD here OK… so anyway I WENT to medical school…”

And on and on. But like, part of us thinks or hope the Federalist realized they done fucked up publishing a woman who LEGIT ARGUED that you should just like… risk death… cuz sometimes ectopic pregnancies don’t KILL YOU and then you can live with yourself. Also if these people… want people to have more babies… why would they ALSO argue to destroy your Fallopian tubes.

Our queen Dr. Jen Gunther tweeted about this: “STOP TRYING TO MAKE “ECTOPIC PREGNANCIES ARE BABIES TOO” A THING. If you have never treated a woman with a belly full of blood from an ectopic you should shut the fuck up and sit down and learn before you get someone killed.” 

She also had a FIRE series of tweets to an anti-abortion monster who tried to argue that there is NEVER a medically necessary reason for an abortion (we’re not gonna say that anti-abortion punks name but… we’ll just call her Middle Part). Middle Part has also previously said that removing an ectopic pregnancy ““is not to intentionally kill that child; that’s not an abortion procedure.”

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL It’s already ridiulous to say there are “good” or “bad” abortions but we’re moving on NOW to “if we think it’s not a big deal, it’s not abortion. BUT IF WE DO THINK IT’S A THING THEN YOU ARE A MURDERER!” Truly, ridiculous. An abortion is not an abortion based on INTENTION. NO FUCKING DUHHHH! An abortion by any other name would…. Still be an abortion.