Hey hey, how you doing there? We just wanted to remind you to vote. We know you’re getting that a lot today. And like, it’s not the MONEY election, the cumshot election if you will (gross gross gross), we know. If you’re in some states, maybe you’re only voting on a couple of initiatives, but it’s still important. It’s important because… oh boy there are some WEIRDOS in local government who get elected on years like this where everyone like “IDK the Live Action Little Mermaid is on… should I even bother voting?” and then BAM you get a guy who says ectopic pregnancies can be willed into the uterus with prayer.

Look, we spend all day scaring you but just remember this: every bad anti-abortion law STARTED with an election. And probably, with a reelection.

If you’re still not scared enough, let’s just present you this Federalist headline “Today’s Election Will Determine The Future Of Late-Term Abortions In Virginia.” Y’all… let’s get Virginia a Reproductive Health Act of their own. Cuz guess what, this article DEF has a subhead that says “Abortion Is Never Medically Necessary.” Look, even if you hate abortion… why you always LYINGGGGG?

So again, remember, voting for these local weirdos is hella important. Plus you get a cool sticker!