OK y’all let’s talk about the word “elective.” FUN! Words are FUN! 

So really what elective surgery means is a surgery that is planned. Unlike a straight-up emergency where you come in and your appendix is burst, these surgeries you can schedule for like, next Tuesday. 

But yes, “elective” can also mean… a surgery that you choose to have. NOW let’s think about who that definition benefits. THE EFFING INSURANCE COMPANIES! THE MAN! Think about the times you’ve had to fight your insurance company to pay for some procedure because it wasn’t something that would immediately kill you.

This is sort of a TANGENTIAL argument but just remember, the people who EMPHASIZE the “elective” thing are… the bad guys.

ENTER Live Action, a terrible anti-abortion group that got mad that Facebook marked their video as false. The title of one of these videos: “Abortion is NEVER Medically Necessary.” It's a clip of a long-ass quote by a bunch of anti-abortion peeps saying that abortion restrictions don’t interfere with healthcare for pregnant people and aren't necessary. Any way they got so upset about it and like, want to sue Facebook or something. Good luck, my man! We can’t even get them to reply to our emails about WANTING TO GIVE THEM AD MONEY! 

But this whole “never medially necessary” thing is, perhaps to us, the weirdest double down that anti-abortion freaks are trying to push. It’s kinda the whole “there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ abortions” idea, but taken to the extreme. “If it’s an emergency it’s not an abortion” is KINDA their argument… but more than that their argument is “we REFUSE to understand the basics of health and science.”

A LOT of people, and we never talk about this and like, it’s got to be a shock to people and we should talk about it, have a “missed miscarriage” and they have to get an abortion so they don’t die. AND GUESS WHAT SOMETIMES INSURANCE DOESN’T COVER THIS! Or sometimes people have a miscarriage and have to take the abortion pill… and THE PHARMACIST REFUSES TO FILL THAT PRESCRIPTION. So… it kinda seems like calling that video false is an… understatement. 

We say this a lot but the UTTER CRUELTY of arguing to people who DESPERATELY want babies, but whose bodies betray them, that they don't really exist, is UNIMAGINABLE. The anti-abortion creeps don’t want to deal with this reality of life. They want to think that once a person jizzes it’s just smooth sailing until graduation. AND GUESS WHAT NO FUCKING DUH THAT IS NOT REALITY!! 

So when someone EMPHASIZES “elective” in “elective abortion”… tell them to eat shit.