You know when you’re just kinda bad at something, so you try to work around having to do it? Like if you just forget to make cupcakes enough, eventually they’ll stop asking you to help with the bake sale.  That’s sort of what we assume these “moral objection” doctors are doing. They’re just BAD AT THEIR JOBS… so they’re trying to work around the whole pesky “taking care of patients” thing by being like “naw, I morally object to… doing my job. Providing healthcare. I just like, never want to do a tubal ligation… it’s not that I’m BAD at it.”

The New York Times wrote a great investigation about Catholic hospitals that y’all have to check out! As we read and read and read, we kept seeing all these scary parallels to fake clinics! Except, you know, these places you’re being tricked by people who are ACTUAL LEGIT DOCTORS. Who again, just don’t want to do their jobs.

So the article follows a woman who had pregnancy complications and when she went in for an emergency C section, asked to have her tubes tied. Only then did she realize she was at a Catholic hospital that would not perform the procedure. “If we were informed, we would have had time to make an informed choice on the best medical care for our pregnancy and unborn baby,” she said. See, EERILY SIMILAR! A patient who is mislead into a sense of safety, who then finds out when she is already on the exam table that she’s not where she thinks she is.

But how could she not know, you might ask? Well first, rude, stop judging people. And second, uh… a lot of people don’t know they’re at a Catholic hospital. 37% of people who go to Catholic hospitals are not aware their hospital is Catholic.

And guess what y’all, they have deceptive websites like fake clinics too!! The Times found that <3% of the hospitals informed patients of procedures they didn’t do and that the sites engaged in a lot more trickery! To this we want to just copy this paragraph… in full… from the Times article because it is truly too insane to paraphrase!

“I think that any business is not going to lead off with what they don’t do,” Charles Bouchard, senior director of theology and ethics at The Catholic Health Association, said in response to the Times analysis. “They are always going to talk about what they do do. And that goes for contractors and car salesmen. They are not going to start off by saying, ‘We don’t sell this model,’ or ‘We don’t do this kind of work.’”

Yes, that’s right he compared GOING TO THE HOSPITAL to BUYING A CAR. I mean, this is why we need universal healthcare, but that’s a post for another day.

So anyway, read this article, then get informed, find out which hospitals in your area don’t provide basic healthcare, then demand that they inform all patients seeking reproductive care there. Because I mean… we thought this went without saying but I guess 2018 y’all… doctors should provide healthcare. NO DUH!