We’ve read, about a million articles about how Roe will end, could end, could erode, won’t erode, what the future of abortion will (and will not be) if the Supreme Court ends Roe, could end Roe, won’t end Roe. It’s just … a lot. Honestly, therapists tell you not to obsess over all the worst case scenarios, but… that’s kinda what we have to do now. Missouri is down to one clinic, and oh look, Louisiana just might be soon too. And that’s with ROE BEING STILL THE TECHNICAL LAW OF THE LAND!

But we’ve got to keep fighting AND keep protesting! Like take these AMAZING people in California! This year the Supreme Court decided Constitution, Smonstitution, clinics should be able to lie to patients about if they’re real doctors. It was a devastating blow to California’s attempt to protect patients. BUT look here, California kept fighting. They tried to pass a law that would provide the abortion bill on campus. IT GOT VETOED. BUT LOOK HERE California is still fighting! Now, they’re protesting outside of a fake clinic fundraiser, with some truly incredible signs!

The point is, we must NEVER give up! Zygote lovers will yell and scream and manipulate the facts! So we’ve got to be LOUDER! And we’ve got to be RELENTLESS! And … we’ve gotta get Kavanaugh impeached GUYS!