Imagine waking up every day and thinking “my job at this nonprofit  is really just about me.” Imagine going to work and thinking “I’m here to protect all the little zygotes, but really, this is just about me.” Because… that’s gotta be what people at CPCs think, right? Why else would they ceaselessly beat the drums of “my free speech is the most important thing in the world… not… you know… serving my patients. Not providing care. Not helping OTHER people. No no, what matters most is me being allowed to say whatever I want whenever I want to because that is what free speech is, also I refuse to look up what free speech is.”

It was the one-two punch of yesterday’s Catholic hospitals article and today’s article about fake clinics in Illinois that got us feeling super, super bummed. I mean look, we read about the deceptive practices of fake clinics all the time. They’re garbage. Their mentality has always been baffling. But the recent “free speech” arguments just are so… inhospitable. And frankly, so not Christian. These are people that are blatantly saying “our needs matter most… not the needs of those we allegedly serve.” AND the law is saying “Yeah sure.” And like… that’s disgusting. So anyway, that’s something to mull over this Tuesday!

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