Canada is really close to becoming a total Anne Hathaway. Like, we get it, you’re perfect and know how to shake hands. But now Canada is fighting “zombies” and tbh, they’re one shirtless prime minister pic away from us finding a new country-crush because it’s all too many feels.

Zombie Laws are outdated laws that remain on the books despite being struck down in court and being totally unenforceable.  Some of these insane bans they’re looking to chainsaw out of the books include:

  • Water-skiing at night (What?!)
  • Vagrancy
  • Duelling
  • Crime comics
  • Fraudulently pretending to practice witchcraft (seriously.)

One of these totally outdated laws is…a ban on abortion.  Yup, not only does Canada have total legal abortion with zero restrictions, they’re also taking a machete to any remaining zombie grip that references banning abortion.

It’s hard not to view this late night water-ski dueling paradise as a brochure for moving to Canada. While they axe every remaining law banning abortion from record we’re in the US fighting 6-week abortion bans and a constant fear of the Pence Posse overturning Roe v Wade. So while the image of a dashing Justin Trudeau beheading zombies is appealing, we have our own zombies to fight.