The anti-abortion movement is primarily about being useless. Secondarily, about shaming. Thirdingaringly, about being condescending while being wrong. 

That brings us, of course, to yesterday’s completely useless sham-of-a-use-of-Senate-time, garbage vote on the “ Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.” A bill title that makes us want to shove a fork in our eye, the biggest fake bullshit of our LIFE AUGISUGISDJBDSBWEUWEOIEWWWEWEBiofioU()#$*)#$H@)*(#@*H#B@)*H$@*()#H)*$NDION)(#()#N#$*#$B()#$N#N$#)N$##*)H2

OK, got that rage punch out of our system. The anti-abortion senators pushed this garbage that they knew would not pass because they want to drum up their stupid base. We actually are 400% sure if you presented them with “OK you can HAVE this headline of ‘Democrats want to kill babies’ BUT you yourself have to kill 1000 babies” they’d … OK we’ll not finish this but just think about it. 

They’re trying to make it seem like we want abortion to just mean anything. AND WE DON’T THAT’S THEM! People are not just LEAVING ALIVE BABIES ON TABLES TO DIE! If that were to happen… that’d be murder.

We’re not PRO THAT! We’re ANTI y’all pretending that is a thing to happen and forcing us to say we condemn it or be deemed monsters.

Guess what y’all, it’s 2020, we’re not playing your games any more. We’re not being like “Oh well, actually no, so we get what you’re saying, but actually it’s more…” NO! Fuck you. Fuck off. That’s what we say. We’re not here to debate you. We’re not here to appease you. Putting bullshit up like this is why you will lose. Because you’re more focused on pageantry than helping actual human beings. Because anti-abortion people LITERALLY are fucking denying people medicaid to pass useless anti-abortion bills! LITERALLY! MORE THAN ONCE! 

So we propose the next bill we vote on is the “Fuck Off Abortion Haters Act!”