Today’s the first day of many long, strenuous days! It’s the Kavanaugh Senate judiciary committees y’all! And boy did the day start off tense! So tense we’re just now getting a break to blog for you! You see totally normally, definitely with nothing to hide, yesterday we got 42,000 new pages of info on Kavanaugh. And those that support him were like “yes, hmm, right, we’ve read this all in a few hours and it all seems fine. You are crazy if you ask any questions.” And freakin’ thank god SOME Senators have a backbone and were like, “Nope this is obviously a huge scam. Is no one realizing this is a huge scam? I feel like I’m talking to the wind here.” But no, the morning did NOT result in taking Chuck Grassley to hospice care. But he “I do declare”’d so much, we thought he might get a case of the fainting spells.

Oh and if you’re wondering “Hey, did Ted Cruz call just basic birth control an ‘abortion-inducing’ drug and then did he not correct himself?” Yep!

Join us for the rest of the shitshow this afternoon, and remember, this is not NORMAL!