Conservatives are stumbling over themselves to be crowned “King of the Phony Outrage” re: Donald Trump’s most recent dump.

In case you're living in a sleeper cell, yesterday The National Front-runner, called for a “Complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States. ”  

Even ‘7th Level of Hell-er' Dick Cheney, got the vapors from Trump's remarks, saying that religious freedom was an important part of America’s history. REALLY Cheney?! Excuse me, but you are the Steve Jobs of ISIS.


For years, we have witnessed this kind of dangerous rhetoric build a base of members who traffic in xenophobia and homophobia, all while continuing their carpet bombing on reproductive rights. Can I get a committee anyone?!?!

Here's an idea GOP: if you love America, liberty, freedom and all those other platitudes you recklessly toss around, maybe you should recognize that the political movement YOU created, has generated this bowel movement.