UNDERSTAND THIS: Harassment, assault, and humiliation are about power. In this current structure, women, LGBTQ+, and people of color are not considered equals. These behaviors are a way of marginalizing us and erasing us, in order to avoid sharing power and thus retaining control. This is not about someone's politics. It is everywhere. Just YESTERDAY, The tax bill passed with a terrifying redefinition of fetal development as personhood that could be used to overturn Roe v Wade. Was that mentioned in any of the newscasts or media you read? If it was, was it feminist media? How many politicians never prioritize issues having to do with women, POC, or LGBTQ+ people? Progressives had sweeping victories in the 2017 elections that included women, trans folks, and POC, and yet the 2020 presidential chatter is about Terry McCauliffe and Joe Biden.

But it's not just politics. NO MATTER WHERE YOU WORK, marginalized groups are not in positions to call shit out, because we do not have leadership in place who will not destroy us for doing it. I need every fucking PERSON WHO HAS PARTICIPATED IN THIS BEHAVIOR OR SELF RIGHTEOUSLY CONDEMNED THIS SHIT AS A SUPPOSED ALLY to show me with actions going forward that you UNDERSTAND the systemic problems that led to and have perpetuated this system of harassment and abuse, and that YOU WILL DEDICATE YOURSELVES to changing it by championing the marginalized and stepping back so we can take the leadership to tear this existing table apart because it has never included us.

When that process begins, and we see action towards true representation, we can DECIDE TOGETHER how we rebuild a structure that includes equality for all. If I do not see this progress, I swear to God, I will spend my time left on this earth BURNING IT ALL DOWN. Because those of us who have lived in the shadows and had to swallow this kind of behavior OUR WHOLE LIVES know how to make something great out of the ashes. We have lived our lives surviving on the crumbs that fell from this patriarchal table.