Y’all, nothing is funnier to us today than an anti-abortion group named The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. I mean, they’ve been around since 1990 but… lolol. Never gets old. Truly, imagine BEING THIS CONVINCED you were on the side of both science and ethics and also that you were smart. 


Any way these losers are protesting outside of campuses with gross signs and it’s so disturbing the city of Wake Forest had to WARN their residents about it and be like “look, we know free speech is great and all but… just remember it covers this terrible shit too.” Here’s a few Friday news bumps for you to take into the weekend!

Florida: So, we call these dildos disingenuous a lot but… this one really takes the cake so much so that we’re GIVING YOU THE FULL QUOTE:

“I find it just overwhelmingly tragic that a parent would not have the ability to know whether or not the facility by which their minor daughter goes to obtain an abortion was in fact safe, was in fact reputable, was clean, that the provider themselves had the best interest in the medical outcome of the girl.”

These fools always try to seem SOOOO concerned but… guess what… Florida already has a parental notification law this is just parental consent. Talk about disingenuous. It’s being GENEROUS to say that these people have never thought about what horrible thing might cause a minor to NOT tell their parents about getting an abortion. The truth is probably just that they have thought about it (rape, abuse, neglect) and don’t care because they’re so single-minded in ending abortion they’ve forgotten to be human. Anyway this “you have to get a notarized letter from your parent to get an abortion” bill passed. LIFE IS A WAKING NIGHTMARE!

New York: But on the OTHER side we are LOVING New York JUST KEEPING ON TROLLING anti-abortion people. Like every day we read some idiot saying “Well my TAX money should not go AT ALL to funding abortion.” So New York is like “OK so… how about you can OPT in to GIVE A TON of your taxes to abortion!” Hell yeah.