“I’m wondering from what garbage can you pulled this definition out of and what state you copied this definition from…” Y’all, this is the quote of the century. Because in reading the news today we TOO wondered what effing garbage can did anti-choice zygote lovers pull their arguments out of this week!

So we’ll get back to the story this quote is from but first, let’s talk about the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Cute Puppies And Rainbows, How Many More Word Can We Add to Make This Seem Precious and Important Act” which had a committee hearing this morning that made us want to fall into the ocean.

So on our side, we have Jen Jordan describing the REALITIES of pregnancy and miscarriage and the importance of body autonomy through all of this. We also have Democratic senators talking about the importance of lowering birth mortality rates, a real “Fuck you for having this useless committee” argument, that we appreciated. On their side, well, they have a bunch of polished-monsters spewing OBVIOUS bad faith arguments. All the anti-abortion senators and speakers did some version of this baloney. “Well, you know it SHOULD be bipartisan to not kill babies after they are born… AND YET it seems like Democrats DO want to do that… anyway please vote for us in 2020!”

It’s honestly, despicable. It is ALREADY illegal to murder a child after it is born. DUH! Also, “extremists” when it comes to abortion… AGAIN… do not want you to deliver a child and then let it die. NO DUH! People perpetrating this lie are … disgusting.

Speaking of disgusting, we honestly can’t even understand this story coming out of Tennessee. So a state rep is arguing that because … abortion… is in line with… secular humanism (ummmm… Catholics for Choice might have something to say about this!) … um… that means that funding abortion… would… um… somehow mean favoring one religion over the other. We think?????? Like honestly, we don’t know, read it yourself. But man, can fucking Christians think of SO MANY NEW WAYS TO BE THE VICTIM. Like… you do know Title X Funding is now going like lamb of God places. YES HEAVEN FORBID WE SHOULD FAVOR ONE RELIGION OVER THE OTHER!!

Also, the Ohio 6-week abortion ban decided to remove pregnant people and their health from the list of legitimate issues in protecting. LOL HAPPY TUESDAYYY!