It’s National Intern Day! We had two all-star interns on the road with us this year! Jessica and Michael! They were the first to volunteer to take down the garbage can, to grab water, to hold signs in front of extremists! We asked them both to write about their experience on the road! Today you get a special guest blog from Jessica (stay tuned next week for Michael’s). We asked her what stuck with her the most (besides all the cheese curds) on the road and she said ALL THE KIDS that were forced to stand out in the heat with the extremists! So here’s her take on OSA’s hypocrisy! Enjoy!

A simple rule for how to be a good parent: don’t use your child as a prop.

Especially at the risk of sunburn, dehydration, heat exhaustion, and possible violence during a crowded rally in the middle of July.

Operation Save America brings young children out to their “prayer gatherings” and other events (a.k.a. their shamefests) to guilt trip passersby. They force the lil’ kids to hand out graphic pamphlets and hold up bloody signs that are bigger than they are. Let me repeat: they bring THEIR offspring out in 95-degree heat to protest OUR side “mistreating children” (and by “children”  I mean fertilized eggs, embryos, and fetuses, obviously). 

It’s absurd to watch arrogant, loud, annoying protesters think they have the moral high ground over us and then turn around and see some extremists’ 8-year-old child crouching in the meager patch of shade behind a giant poster with a (heavily doctored) dismembered fetus on it (the same signs that prompted several concerned Milwaukeeans to complain to the police on behalf of THEIR children).

Regardless of the weather, anti-abortion screamers don’t even try to hide how little they care about their actually BORN, very uncomfortable, children’s happiness. During our loud, proud rainbow- feminist Ecclesiastical Court counter-protest extravaganza, Abobo the pro-abortion clown was giving out balloons as part of the celebration — some nice, harmless fun! She made one for an anti’s kid and put it down next to them (because we wouldn’t want to invade THEIR personal space like they do ours — and clinic patients’, and everyone’s). The kid excitedly picked up their new toy (!) but then their parent went all, “Don’t touch that!!” and then — like a cartoon — put it down DIRECTLY onto a thorn that popped it. The child was — like us hearing the story — sad. But is that what their parent cared about? Nope. 

Groups like OSA are pretty obvious. They’ll fight like crazy to “defend the preborn” (and make up words), but the POSTborn? The alive people who are super hot and sunburned? Not so much. OSA’s endgame is OBJECTIFICATION, not humanization. They’re happy to ignore the deaths of living, breathing, speaking humans — in prison camps at the border and prisons across the country, for example — because protesting those atrocities would mean humanizing people who are different than them, and OSA’s not into that. They’d rather humanize embryos while objectifying the people carrying them (treating us like incubators who are somehow unqualified to make decisions about… ourselves?). It shouldn’t come as a shock that they’re willing to objectify their own kids as well.

So to all the parents and soon-to-be parents out there (looking at you, anti-contraceptive OSA youngsters), if you’re ever thinking about bringing your kids to work with you to prove a point, maybe consider… if you’re being a total hypocrite.

K thx!