Well friends WE ARE ON THE ROAD! The Garbage Fyre Festival is HAPPENING and we are IN IT! A group of anti-abortion orcs have INVADED Milwaukee with their gross posters, their dour men yelling at us to DEBATE THEM, their followers who think a woman should only speak to shame other women, their Activity Mommy who, let’s just say, is OBSESSED WITH US. 

So what are WE doing, you ask? Well, it’s kinda like, at this point, HAVE YOU READ OUR SITE!?!?! WE’VE BEEN PROMOTING THIS FOR MONTH!

But OK, maybe you do know that we are counter-protesting but want the specifics, so let’s go over what we’ve done so far. 

One, bought this BIG ASS garbage can. Two, joined a rally of pro-choice badasses from Chicago Abortion Fund, RUJ, Reproaction, Affiliated Medical Services, and a bunch of other amazing orgs! Three, had an inspiring drag queen story hour! Four, counter-protested, yo. Five, worn a glittery vulva costume that made erryyybody mad (or really, made the other side yell about how a vulva should only be there for your partner to see LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, everyone else thought it was fun!).

If you’ll allow me to editorialize a bit (OK I know that’s mostly what I do), one of our more emotional moments came at the Drag Queen story hour. They bring their kids to events where they call everyone who doesn’t believe in their hateful message “sinners” and “whores.” We bring our kids to an inclusive story hour and teach them to be respectful, inquisitive, empathetic, and caring from a young age. That’s pretty nice, right!


And y’all, we got SO many HONKS for CHOICE while we were counter-protesting! It filled our heart! One woman even brought us energy drinks! Milwaukee, LIKE THE WHOLE COUNTRY, is pro-choice. And we can silence these haters.

Oh also we got a PRETTY dope truck to counter their hate truck!!


Yeah so here’s just another reminder, we have more fun!!!