In her Formation video, Queen Bey dropped some serious knowledge about Katrina, cops, and Louisiana.  

Now, in an homage to Formation, LPJL drops its own “InFormation” video– dropping our own  truth bomb on extremist politicians trying to end abortion access in Louisiana and in all 50 states.

LPJL Presents: InFormation

Louisiana suffered Hurricane Katrina. It’s being hit again with the shitstorm of anti-abortion TRAP laws. And that storm continues to threaten every state in America.

Here’s the crap Louisiana is being hit with right now–all thrown down in the inFormation video…

– A 72-hour waiting period for an abortion–that hits poor women and women of color hardest

Make me pay, make me stay, make me wait, for three days

I won’t pay, I won’t stay, i won’t wait for three days

Fuck these laws I’m in charge It’s my way, my pussy, not gon’ sway

Time to say, we don’t play

-A ban on Medicaid funding for ANY medical services if your healthcare provider is associated with abortion services.

Y’all so reckless gon deny all my access-es

Y’all so possessive tryna cock block my womaness

-94% of counties in Louisiana have NO abortion provider.

Gotta have clinics for every girl in the nation/ Cause today

Louisiana has four left since they’ve taken/ Them away

Hey girl we gotta get information

Again, check out the inFormation video here! Support AllAboveAll.org and Lady Parts Justice League, and help get inFormation out about the assault on abortion rights.

And maybe we’ll take your ass to Red Lobster.